Fall Brook Elementary School

Building Project

Project Overview

Welcome to the Fall Brook Elementary School Construction Project page. Here we hope you will find answers and information regarding the project background, process, and next steps.

The Fall Brook Building Committee typically meets once a month on a Tuesday at 1pm; meetings are subject to change, please check the Fall Brook calendar at https://www.leominster-ma.gov/ and the schedule page on this site for more meetings.

On March 5, 2024 the project team held a second student, educator and community workshop at the school.  The goal for this and the previous session was for the team to gain insight to the community’s vision, priorities and values. The outcome of these and one more workshop will help the design team determine what will work best for the school as they continue to evaluate if it should be a new building or an addition/renovation of the existing building.

Project Timeline and Status

April 15, 2024

Project Team Submit PDP to the MSBA

December 12, 2023

City of Leominster Enlists MDS/Miller Dyer Spears Architects as their Designer

March 27, 2023

City of Leominster Enlists LeftField, LLC as their OPM

December 21, 2022

MSBA invites City of Leominster to the Feasibility Study for Fall Brook Elementary School

June 23, 2021

City of Leominster Submitted the Statement of Interest to the MSBA for the Fall Brook Elementary School project



Click here for more information about funding and protocols of capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth’s public schools


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Feasibility Study - Module 3

The project team has now been established through the Fall Brook Building Committee and the Designer Selection Panel process. With the project team complete, the project now moves in to Feasiblity Study, starting with educational programming and intense studying of the existing building and site. The next step in the process was to complete the first submission known as the Preliminary Design Program (PDP) that was submitted to the MSBA for review on April 12. The next step is now to work on the Preferred Schematic Report (PSR) which is targeted for August 29. This report summarizes the preferred site and building option.